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What Matters To Us

It is often said you should do something you love and success and happiness will follow.  In 2002, following the loss of a loved one, we both decided it was time to start pursuing things that we loved.  In the years that followed we made changes.  Kat began pursuing a career in interior design and a couple years later Mike left his corporate job.  As Kat’s business grew, we often discussed how Richmond needed a retail store that carried cool things like those featured in shelter magazines or only available to interior designers.  

Boy, did we jump in feet first!  In a very short period of time, we made a plan, leased a building, found some great suppliers and launched Ruth & Ollie on July 15, 2006.  Our sales for the first day totaled $26.25…yes twenty-six dollars!  Despite a dismal first day, we flew to Atlanta that night to attend a market and buy more merchandise for our store.  We believed in what we created!!!

Things have improved….thank goodness.  In our short history, we have learned a lot about ourselves and what we want Ruth & Ollie to be about. Here are some things that matter the most to us:

Friends and Family:  A lot of people have helped us over the years.  We are lucky to know you and have you in our lives.  Thanks for your ideas and support.  

Find/do something you love…we both gave up on the “corporate” life a few years ago to pursue something that was more rewarding…we won’t go back….don’t try to make us!  Not only do we love what we do, we apply that philosophy to everything that goes on in our store.  If we don’t love it, it doesn’t make it in the store.  We work hard here, but it’s not work to us.

The Ruth & Ollie “vibe”:  We set out to create a welcoming space with vibrant colors, cool stuff, good music and great art. We hope you’ll buy our stuff, but most of all we want you to enjoy the experience of Ruth & Ollie.

Surround yourself with quality goods & people:  In this business, there are thousands of potential suppliers we could buy from.  We decided we wanted to sell home furnishings that made you stop in your tracks AND deal with people and companies that shared our values, honesty, sense of humor and passion towards service. We will only succeed if we can make our customers happy…and we will only use suppliers that embrace this philosophy. 

Giving Back:  We are very blessed to be living the lives we live. We count our blessings everyday and resolve to “pay it forward” and support a number of local charities.

Ruth and Ollie - 5812 1/2 Grove Avenue, Richmond, Virginia, 23226